Christmas Panels

$5 suggested retail.

Two festive Christmas patterns. Models on the front of pattern on stitched on 14 count Icelandic Blue Aida from Wichelt. White wooden tags were also from Hobby Lobby. Note: On some of the first charts I omitted the red gingerbread on the top. Below is the corrected portion of that chart. If you would like, email me at and I will email you a corrected chart. On the lamp tag I added an extra line of sky on the top of the pattern so that the tags would be the same size, which is a line more than the photo has. You may omit the top line of stitches on the chart if you wish.

Sleds. An alternate finish is on the back of the chart. I originally used sleds I got from Hobby Lobby and went to three different cities to get all I could get ahold of, but they are not carrying holiday items and I don't know if they will carry them again, so I also put them on sleds that you can get from your local needlework store. If you are going to use the small size, you will need to stitch in 18 count, either aida or perforated paper.