Celtic Knot on Tag

Copyright 2017 Frony Ritter. You may download this design for free for your own personal use, but do not publish it elsewhere please. Make your friends download their own design so they can come and sniff around my website and maybe buy some of my patterns that are for sale so I can make enough money to buy more art supplies. Thank you.

I found this great tag die cut from MFT stamps that makes a grid for cross stitching. Here is my first design using it. I cut it out on acid free paper that is cardboard looking and backed it with acid free red paper.

Use 4 threads for cross stitches, 2 threads of DMC black to outline.

  • 4 DMC 699
  • 1 DMC 700
  • 2 DMC 702
  • 3 DMC 704
  • 5 DMC 814
  • 6 DMC 816
  • 7 DMC 666
  • 8 DMC 606