He Arose

Suggested retail $4

I could not decide which I liked better--the egg stitched in blue or the egg stitched in tan. The blue slightly edged out the tan but here is the conversion if you want to stitch it in tan. The rest of the colors are the same. All thread is DMC.

  • 775 to Ecru

  • 3752 to 738

  • 932 to 437

  • 931 to 436

For the stitched and beaded version, the red beads are Mill Hill 03048 The edging on the brown egg is cording made with DMC 3716.

I stitched the tan version on red perforated paper, although so little of the paper shows you can stitch it on just about any color. I stitched the smaller egg on 32 count pink linen and the brown one on Wichelt Chocolate brown aida. I also stitched another blue egg on 14 count Navy Blue Aida from DMC.