Summer Sun

Suggested retail $4

Pink Version: Stitched in 14 count Pink Aida by DMC

Beaded Version: Stitched on 14 count Lavender Mist Perforated paper.

I did not outline anything on this version. Every other loop is purple. On the beaded version I did loops opposite color as the stitched version to see if there was any significant difference (I do not think there was).

DMC to Bead Conversion is as follows:

  • Outside edge of sun, sunspots and dots around tulips are Mill Hill Bead 02033, Brilliant Orange
  • All greenery is Mill Hill Bead 02054, Brilliant Shamrock
  • Outline for all blue loops edging flowers is Mill Hill Bead 00020, Royal Blue
  • Outline for all purple loops edging flower petals is Mill Hill Bead 02085, Brilliant Orchid
  • Outside edge of blue waves Mill Hill Bead 02097, Bahama Blue

Aqua Version: Stitched on 28 count Carribean Blue Linen by Wichelt, 2 over 2.