Trinity Prayer

Suggested retail $4

This prayer is an ancient Celtic Prayer called the Caim. It is a prayer of encircling oneself with the protection, encompassing love and blessing of the triune God. The shamrock was used by the missionary St. Patrick to teach the people he was introducing Christianity to about the Trinity. This piece was inspired by the Celtic Rock Music group's arrangement of the Caim in their album called Journey into the Morn.

Here is the rest of this Caim:

The Might Three My protection be Encircling Me. You are around My life, my home Encircling Me O Sacred Three.

The framed piece was stitched on 28 ct. Jobelan Morning Dew from Wichelt, 2 over 2.

The ornament to the left was stitched on 28 ct. Jobelan Morning Dew as well. The ornament to the right was stitched on gold perforated paper. I framed with with slightly larger dark green acid free cardboard, and covered a slightly larger square with green fabric and used beads to make a hanger.

If you would like an alternative to the prayer as a border, I have also made one using Natural Granite Perforated Paper and put Happy St. Paddy's Day around it. You can find this border by going onto Free Cross Stitch Charts.