Hatching Eggs Pouch Necklace

Here is a pouch you can paint and wear for Spring. You can make a necklace out of beads and attach it or even paint the chicks on the pocket of a shirt.


Paints (All Deco Art So-Soft brand)

  • White
  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Peaches 'n Cream
  • Black
  • Raspberry Pink
  • Leaf Green
  • Antique Yellow
  • Baby Pink
  • Orchid
  • Lavender
  • Cadmium Orange
  • Baby Blue
  • Blue

Beads (all Mill Hill brand)

  • 2 glass chicks #12227
  • 2 4x9 mm crimp cord connectors
  • 2 very petite Amethyst Matte Flowers #12150
  • 2 of each bead, except for four of Yellow Creme Light Green #00525 Yellow Creme #02002 Pink #00145 Ice Lilac #02009 Satin Blue #02007
  • White rattail Cord


Chick -- Base chick in White. Paint around edges of chick with Cadmium Yellow and blend. Bow is based in Raspberry Pink with Baby Pink highlights on loops. Beak is Cadmium Orange. Eye and outline is Black. Put a White dot in eye for highlight.

Eggs -- Blue eggs are based in White in the middle, Baby Blue around White and blended into White, and Blue around edge and blended into Baby Blue. Flowers on blue egg are five dots of Raspberry Pink with a dot of Cadmium Yellow in the middle. On the other blue egg, zig zags are White in the middle, Baby Pink on either side and blended into White, with Raspberry Wine at the edges and blended into Baby Pink. Outline zig zag with Lavender.

Checkered egg in back is White with Baby Pink on edges for middle pink checks. Outside checks are Baby Pink with Raspberry at edge of egg, blended. Orange checks are Peaches 'n Cream, with Cadmium Orange blended to shade where orange is at edge of egg.

Striped egg's peach stripes are White in the middle, with Peaches 'n Cream on either side, blended into White, and Cadmium Orange at edges, blended into Peach. Lavender stripes are Orchid in the middle, with Lavender shading on edges. Line the stripes with Leaf Green. Use same colors and technique for check in this egg as for other chick.

Green egg has White based in the middle, Leaf Green around it and blended. If you choose not to use the chick beads, you may paint chicks onto egg with Cadmium Yellow. You may also paint a name onto this egg.

Base lavender egg with White in the middle. Paint Orchid around it and blend. Paint Lavender around inside edges of egg and blend into Orchid. Hearts are Raspberry Pink with Black outline on the underside only.

Paint stripe on pink egg with White, and shade by picking up a small amount of Black on your brush and blend into White. Paint Raspberry Pink around inside of edges and blend. Paint a Blue stripe to separate the pink from the white section. Tulips are Raspberry Pink with a White line on top of inner petal, and Black line on the bottom inner petal. Leaves and stem are Leaf Green.

Inside surprise section: When you open the flap of the purse you will see the front four eggs. Complete painting the two outside eggs on the inside of the flap. Behind these eggs I painted grass, but if you are motivated, you could slip a bunny, chick or something else in the grass.


Crimp edges around rattail, cut to the size that you want. The loops should face down so they can be sewn onto the back of the pouch. Sew onto pouch. Directly above the crimp edges string on beads in this order: green, yellow, blue, pink, lavender. Sew into rattail. With jewelry glue, glue flower just above beads. Sew yellow bead through the middle by pulling thread out, threading on bead, and pulling your needle back through the flower. Sew check beads onto green egg.