Baby Boxes

This box can be used for baby shower favors. You can put four miniature chocolate bars in it, or fill it with M&Ms or Jelly Beans.


  • Brown textured card stock cut out box with Bitty Box Template, Sizzix
  • Flower in pink card stock cut out with Die cut, Sizzix Spiral Flower from Stampin' Up
  • Leaves in avocado card stock, Lifestyle Crafts die
  • Stamp from Itty Bitty Banners, Stampin' Up
  • Cut out with die from Bitty Banners, Stampin' Up
  • 5/8" Burlap Ribbon
  • 3/8" card stock strip to wrap around box
  • Dark Brown Ink for stamp

Special instructions

Glue burlap to top of box. Curl the flower cut out around a pencil then glue to bottom petal. Glue leaves onto bottom of flower and glue this onto pink sleeve. That way, people can pull off the sleeve and have the box intact, unless there are barbarians at your gathering, in which case they will wildly tear apart the whole thing to get to the candy.