Beaded Heart

This piece is done using Heart Chart from the Celtic Series. Here is the conversion to Delica Beads. The colors were just the ones I have, not any genius calculations. So if you have a better combination, feel free to improve upon it. I used flat square stitch. For a tutorial on how to do this stitch see under techniques.

Conversion from DMC to Delica Beads

White = Lt Yelow Bead 203 - TB

603, 604, 605 = Lined Rose Pink, DB 070 - TB

311, 312 = Emerald Lined Cobalt DB1763 - TB

814 = Claret DB 120- TB

326 = Red DB 214 - TB

666 = Lt. Siam DB 159 - TB

606 = Dk. Orange DB 682

I used a Hot off the Press Pocket to sew the beaded piece to. You can use it as a gift bag, or to carry make up in, or even sew it onto a piece of clothing.