Beaded Celtic Heart

I used flat square stitch to make this beaded piece. For a tutorial on how to do this stitch, see under techniques.

Conversion from DMC floss to beads

DMC 550 = Delica Bead 610 Dark Violet

DMC 3808 = Delica Bead 1108 Caribbean Teal

DMC 3848 = Delica Bead 1248 Caribbean Teal AB

DMC 3849 = Delica Bead 166 Turquoise Green

DMC 725 = Delica Bead 233 Light Daffodil Ceylon

DMC White = Delica Bead 1500 Bisque White

DMC 208 = Delica Bead 906 Sparkling Purple Lined Crystal

  • DMC 210, 211 = Delica Bead 1753 Lavender Purple Lined Opal

I used an Attachment Pocket from Hot off the Press (HOTP 4380) and sewed my piece to this, using transparent thread from JP Coats. I also made a beaded border for the top. I use this as my tiny pen and colored pencil pouch. It can also be used for lipstick, change or anything else that is small.