Lily Egg

Suggested retail $4

Stitched Egg

Stitched on 14 ct Pink Aida, DMC Cut styrofoam oval in half unless you can find a flat one Use acid free tacky glue to glue on back Cover back with matching felt Use braided cord to outline stitchery

Stitched and Beaded Egg

Stitched on Pink Frost Perforated Paper Use Beads from Project and Matching beads for Hanger I used wire to string beads as it holds its shape Using Acid Free Tacky glue, glue matching felt on back

The stitched egg in the bezel is on 40 count mesh. The cameo is from Martha Stewart. I made cording out of some of the extra DMC thread and lined it and then made a bow on top.

Wine Glass Tags

I like to use leftover perforated paper to stitch parts of a design to use from papercraft projects. The lily on the tag I changed the colors to 350 351, 352 and 353 and backstitched with 347.Outside edge is 809. I used Lifestyle Crafts eyelet die cut on acid free paper and acid free tacky glue. I recommend laminating to preserve the tag.