Christmas Candle Pen Holder


Paints - All Deco Art So-Soft Brand

  • Cadmium Orange
  • Christmas Red
  • Cranberry Wine
  • Black
  • Bright Green
  • Christmas Green
  • Yellow (Metallic)
  • Empire Gold (Metallic)
  • Textile Medium


  • White Seed Beads, Mill Hill #479
  • Yellow Seed Beads, Mill Hill #128
  • Small Red Bugle Beads, Mill Hill 72013
  • 4mm Rectangle Clear Beads
  • Flat Rectangle Clear Beads
  • Larger Rectangle Clear Beads


Paint down middle of candle with Cadmium Orange. Paint on both sides with Christmas Red and blend into Orange. Paint on edge next to Christmas Red with Cranberry Wine. Blend into Red. Wick is painted Black with a liner. Thin Metallic Yellow with Textile Medium and paint a think coat of Yellow around flame, letting paint gradually fade. Paint flame with Metallic Yellow. Outline bottom with Cadmium Orange and blend into Yellow. Outline bottom of flame again with Christmas Red.

Scroll and Leaves

Scroll is painted with Empire Gold with a liner. On the right edge lightly line parts of scroll with Christmas Red. Paint top and down middle of holly leaves with a mixture of White and Metallic Yellow. Lay Bright Green next to this and blend. In center and at bottom of leaf lay in Christmas Green and blend with Bright Green. Outline leaf, especially points, with Christmas Green.


Base berries with Christmas Red. Put a Cadmium Orange dot near top. Let dry. Make a smaller dot inside the orange dot with White. Outline bottom half of berry with a mixture of Cranberry Wine and Black.


Sew thread into inside seam of pocket several times to secure. Beading order: 5 white seeds-green crystal-red bugle-yellow seed-5 white, repeat 2 more times. Next: green crystal-small red rectangle-3 white-green crystal-large red rectangle-green crystal-3 white-small red rectangle-green crystal. Repeat first pattern 6 times then string whites to make necklace as long as you would like until its a little over half as long as you would like it. Reverse the order and go back down the other side. The red with a yellow bead over it is supposed to be tiny candle patterns, which is why I reversed it. If you are unsure whether you have the pattern right, lay it next to the other side to make sure they are parallel.