Celtic Snowflake

Suggested retail $4

Stitched Versions

  • Needle Art Peel and Stick for adhering to back.
  • White, lavender or blue felt for back of ornament
  • Acid free tacky glue to glue felt to back
  • For white cording, Simplicity 3/8" cotton/rayon cording
  • For silver cording, Celebrate It, Nylon/Acrylic/Metallic

Round Version

  • Stitched on Peoria Purple by Weeks Dye works, 2 over 2
  • Beaded with Iris Beads only. White parts stitched.
  • Circle cut 3 3/4. I used a Sizzix Die Cut to get a perfect circle. I also cut white felt for the back with the same die.
  • White cording from Simplicity, 3/8"
  • Snowflake button from Art Minds
  • Tie bow on button with Krenik #9294 "4 Braid