Four Sided Knot Ornament

Suggested retail $4

This chart is available from your local retailer. The chart includes instructions for stitching and stitching with beads. Each version comes out looking very different. Following are ideas for finishing your piece.

Cross Stitched and beaded version

I made my own cording using DMC 3833. Take two strands, have someone else hold one end of two of the pieces, cut about three times as long as you want the hanger. Twist in one direction until the cord kinks and wants to fold in on itself. Let it do so and secure both ends so it doesn't unravel,smoothing out bunches.

Cross Stitched version

  • 00252 Iris Seed Bead
  • Two green large round beads
  • Two smaller round beads
  • Two lavender round beads

Beading order: 3 seeds, small green, 3 seeds, big green, 3 seeds, lavender round, 3 seeds, small green, add seeds until it is almost the length you want it then reverse.


Fabric 30 ct. Peoria Purple Linen from Weeks Dye Works Necklace Spellbinders Media Mixage MB2-0055 Amethyst rocks for beads Charms from my charm box 2 light blue flat beads

Four Sided Knot in Traditional Christmas Colors

Stitched on DMC 14 count DMc Stardust Aida, Gold Dusted Convert (all DMC colors) 3841 to 606, 699 to 310, 550 to 5284 Gold Metallic, 3838 to 814, 3839 to 321, 3840 to 666, 208 to 699, 209 to 701, 210 to 703. The gold snowflake is from Mill Hill, Glass Treasures 12040. The trim I found at Hobby Lobby.