Six-sided Celtic Knot Ornament

Suggested retail $4

This is one of the charts available from your local retailer. Each chart has instructions for both a counted cross stitched piece and a counted cross stitched and beaded piece.
Here are some ideas for finishing the piece.

The First Stitched One

  • Brilliant Shamrock Seed Beads by Mill Hill Beads
  • Red larger round beads from the mysterious and wonderful bead box
  • Gold knots also from the bead box

The Second Stitched One

  • Stitched on white perforated paper from Wichelt
  • I used DMC 325 and DMC 725. To make cording, have someone hold the other end and twist the two together, going the same direction until it starts to kink and want to fold in on itself. Then fold it in half and secure ends so it doesn't unravel.
  • I used acid free Tacky Glue and glued felt to the back.

Beading order: 4 green, red, 4 green, gold, 4 green, red, however many green to make hanger length you desire then repeat process.

Your local bead store should have some cool metal knot beads. I found some cool beads at the following store.

Beads at Dusti Creek
4848 SE Division
Portland, OR 97026