Celtic Flowered Cross Ornament

Suggested retail $4

This counted cross stitch design is available at your local retailer. In it are instructions for two versions of this piece, one is totally cross stitch and one is for a combination of cross stitch and beading. Here are some ideas on finishing your piece.

To Mount the Stitched Version: I used Needle Art Peel & Stick Mounting Board for Textile Art

The Stitched and Beaded version

I made my own cording for this, using DMC 326 and DMC 796. Have someone hold the end of both of the threads after you cut it to about three times as long as your want your hanger. Then twist in one direction until it kinks and wants to knot up on you. Then fold it in half, smooth and secure the ends so it doesn't unravel.

The Stitched version

  • 00020 Blue Seed Beads from Mill Hill
  • 12276 Green Heart Beads from Mill Hill
  • Some bigger than seed red round ones I found from my massive and always interesting bead box.

Order: 3 blue, red, 3 blue, green, 3 blue, red, however many blue makes it to the length you desire, then repeat process backward.

The last piece has cording around it that I got at Mindy's Needlepoint Factory

Mindy's Needlepoint Factory
296 E. 5th Fifth Street Public Market Bldg.
Eugene, OR 97401 www.mindysneedlepoint.com