Celtic Circle Knot Ornament

Suggested retail $4

This chart is for sale at your local counted cross stitch retailer.. Following are photos of things you can do to finish your piece.

To Mount the Stitched Version: I used Needle Art Peel & Stick Mounting Board for Textile Art

The Blue Stitched and Beaded version

  • Cording is made with six strands each of DMC 699, Christmas Green and DMC 3838, Lavdner Blue - dk.
  • Have someone (husbands are useful for this) hold the end of both strands and twist until the cord begins to want to fold in on itself. Keep twisting a little more and then fold in half. Smooth out bunched up areas.
  • Cut about 12 inches of floss to ensure a good sized hanger. Use Acid Free tacky glue to glue on back.

The Red Stitched and Beaded version

  • To make one of this color here are the substitution colors DMC 225 for DMC 3840
  • Use Mill Hill Bead 00367 for blue beads
  • Use DMC 699 Christmas Green and DMC 814 Garnet for the cording.

For the Cross Stitched version

  • I have a bead box where I have collected beads all the way back to prehistoric times (yes I even have some beads made of bone in there). The large beads are from this.
  • Seed Beads are Mill Hill bead 00020
  • order 3 seed then a big one 4 times, 10 seeds, then 4 big ones with 3 seeds after them