Happy Easter Counted Cross Stitch Tag


  • White perforated paper
  • Yellow Mill Hill Bead 02059 Crayon Yellow Seed Bead, flower centers and dots on egg
  • DMC 307 Lemon, Chick
  • DMC 552 Violet, MD, two outside edge rows of purple part of egg
  • DMC 553 Violet, two medium row, flowers
  • DMC 554 Violet Lt, inside of purple parts of egg
  • DMC 702 Kelly Green, flower greenery, outline on egg strip, 1 strand for outline
  • DMC 3844 Aqua, blue part of egg, wording
  • DMC 3847 Lt. Aqua, Middle part of blue part of egg
  • DMC 3805 Geranium, Outside two rows of pink part of egg
  • DMC 3806 Cyclamen Pink, Middle three rows of pink part of egg
  • DMC 3609 Cyclamen Pink Light, Middle rows of pink strip on egg
  • DMC 310, Black french knot for eyes on chick, outline beak and legs
  • Aqua and Purple card stock
  • Aqua heart shaped eyelet
  • Fibers to match

Special instructions:

Stitch using three strands, one strand for outline. Cutout when finished and using acid free Tacky Glue, attach to card stock of matching colors. Measure out 1/8" and cut, using straight edge and ruler. Add eyelet and fibers.

Copyright 2012