Pumpkin Pouch

I cannot tell you how to make the pouches, because my other sister made them for me. My speed is to buy the iron on stitchless seam and make a pouch that way.


Paints (All Deco Art So-Soft Brand)

  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Cadmium Orange
  • Christmas Red
  • White
  • Bright Green
  • Christmas Green
  • Black


  • Emerald Seed Bead Mill Hill #00332
  • Crayon Orange Seed Bead Mill Hill #02060
  • Frosted Khaki Seed Bead Mill Hill #62057


Commas strokes are painted with a #1 linter in Cadmium Orange.


Do a section at a time. Back sections are based in Cadmium Yellow at outside edge, Cadmium Orange in center and Christmas Red where it goes under another section of the pumpkin. Blend the colors together. Front segment of pumpkin is Cadmium Orange in the middle, with Cadmium Yellow on the edges and blended into the Orange.

Leaves and Vines

Vines are Christmas Green. Base top and middle of leaf with a mixture of Cadmium Yellow and White. Lay Bright Green next to White and blend. On bottom of leaf, and in the middle, lay in Christmas Green and blend into Bright Green. Deepen with Black if needed. Veins are Christmas Green.


Sew green seed beads onto pouch between stroke work on top and bottom, alternating on top and bottom (as shown in photo). Sew beads into vine work also, if desired.

Pull Threaded beading needle through pouch flap top after sewing into lining to secure, 1/8 inch from edge. Beading order 5 khaki--2 green--5 orange--2 green. Repeat until you have desired length. Pull needle through other flap edge. Sew into lining.