Painted Bear Pouch

Pattern to come


  • Small denim pouch
  • Mill Hill Beads Petite White Seed Beads Mill Hill #40479 Snowflake Mill Hill #12162
  • Deco Art Paints Black Snow White Christmas Red Christmas Green Dark Chocolate Flesh Tan
  • White cording, braided rattail


Snowflakes are painted with White, using a liner brush. Bear is based in Dark Chocolate. While still wet, pick up Flesh Tan and paint onto cheek, on front of face and onto ear, especially outside edges. Blend into Dark Chocolate. Pick up Black and paint under hat, on inside of ear next to c-shape which is the outer ear, and next to the scarf. Base nose and eye in Black.

Outline nose with White. Make triangle under pupil of eye to suggest the white of an eye. Outline front of pupil with White. Base hat and tongue in Christmas Red. Paint a thin stripe of White on top of tongue for highlight. For the hat, if you are painting on a dark material, let the dark fabric showing through to be the shading. On the top of the hat, pick up more Christmas Red and a little White and then blend into the darker areas.

Base scarf with Christmas Green. Add White to top of scarf and blend into green to make a highlight. Add Christmas Red crosshatching for design. Stipple White for ball and fur on hat.


Sew five beads onto each snowflake, one in the middle and one in the middle of each V. Sew individual beads on the rest of the pouch to look like tiny snowflakes. Either sew or glue cording on the inside of the pouch at the edges. Sew snowflake onto cording. Reinforce by gluing.