Tsimshian Bear Card

Here is a card with one of my favorite stamps, which I got in Alaska. The card with the poem was given to me when I went to Icy Straight, Alaska by a member of the Tlingit people. It was a beautiful island. It sparked my imagination and so I made a card about it.


  • 7w x 5 1/8h red card (10 1/4 x 7)
  • 5w x 4h dark brown paper
  • 2w x 4 1/2h cream colored paper stamped with
  • Bear stamp by Terry Starr KR55B, www.NativeNorthwest.com
  • Crystal Chocolate Brown stamp pad, Rubber Stampede
  • Imagination metal cutout, JoAnns
  • 7w x 2 3/4h suede type brown paper, torn at bottom edge
  • 7w x 1 1/2h tissue paper with leaves and seeds in it
  • Card with poem