Tiny Mittens Set 2: The + symbol, which consists of 6 symbols on the door of the gingerbread house is 727. Also on some of the earlier charts three of the greens on this mitten have inaccurate symbols. The darkest green on the outside is 699, then 701 which has the correct symbol, then 702 and then 703. Please email me at fronyritterdesigns@gmail.com and I will send you a corrected chart. I have included symbol for gold beads, and this chart uses gold. For the tree trunks only, using the 3 symbol.

Glory to God in the Highest: Some of the early charts have 3741 for Baby Blue Pale and it would say 3841. Also, White is White, not 3747. And the left angel's hands have a * and should be 6, so her little hand is peach and not pink. So sorry for not chasing the gremlins out of this chart.

Sunset Snowflake: 17 across and 10 down is 799 (blue) and should be white.