Glory to God in the Highest: Some of the early charts have 3741 for Baby Blue Pale and it would say 3841. Also, White is White, not 3747. And the left angel's hands have a * and should be 6, so her little hand is peach and not pink. So sorry for not chasing the gremlins out of this chart.

Celtic Flower Knot: The poor,sad blank box 11 down and 10 across is a triangle, DMC 225

Also, you may find you like the pattern more if you make all the inner leaves the same, with DMC 699 shading. I had one of them shaded with 890 (the right leaf).

Whether or not you want to outline the beaded version is up to you. I made several, some outlining and some not and I see that the photo of the beaded one I also did some outlining.

Sunset Snowflake: 17 across and 10 down is 799 (blue) and should be white

Mint Snowflake Ornament:

My mother-in-law just informed me after she stitched this that it is upside down. Turn the photo over and it will match the pattern.

Dolphin Play: If you are one of the first 50 people to get charts, DMC 3840 I meant to be 3890 (one of the new DMC colors that my program didn't recognize and it was so close several of our samples were stitched in 3840).