leftright We are happy to announce the first in the Santa Lover's Series. Two different charts reflect two different ways to stitch this Santa. One is rustic with muted colors, and one is bright with outlines and more details.

Here is the newest in the Fall Series release, Gather Love. It has an additional chart of squirrels masked up, since this year, it seems is also marked by the wearing of masks. This was originally designed for my friend and inspiration, Jeannine Cheney, to celebrate 25 years of business for Acorns and Threads. You can count 25 acorns in the design.

left center right We are excited about these tiny Christmas decorations. They can be personalized on the tags and made into ornaments, or stitched on 18 count perforated paper and made into wine glass charms.

leftcenterright Now available three patterns of flowers, just in time for summer. They can easily be stitched on clothing, made into jewelry, framed and mounted on tins. Look at charts in the Summer Series to see different ways this chart can be finished.

This is a limited edition pattern, to celebrate the hope of ending the pandemic. The two patterns are available on Etsy only due to being a limited edition.

We wish you a safe Christmas. And we wish you would wish others a safe Christmas. So you can do so by stitching a quick ornament that depicts the strangeness of this year. Rudy is masked up and we can still see his glow through his mask. We are busy stitching these for our friends this year. Check in under our Winter Series and see the various fabrics and finishes we are doing. If you wonder what I mean by "we", my husband is also stitching some of them.

Due to getting requests for friends to join Rudy in wishing you a safe and merry Christmas, we have his two friends, wearing masks and in a festive mood.