We wish you a safe Christmas. And we wish you would wish others a safe Christmas. So you can do so by stitching a quick ornament that depicts the strangeness of this year. Rudy is masked up and we can still see his glow through his mask. We are busy stitching these for our friends this year. Check in under our Winter Series and see the various fabrics and finishes we are doing. If you wonder what I mean by "we", my husband is also stitching some of them.

Due to getting requests for friends to join Rudy in wishing you a safe and merry Christmas, we have his two friends, wearing masks and in a festive mood.

Here is our newest mini, available June 15, and easy to stitch for Halloween. Its easy to stitch, and makes you feel the crisp autumn air, even in the middle of summer.

Time for stitching the piece you never thought you had time for! Check out our categories. There is a pattern for every mood you might be in. We have a lot of pieces that are quick to stitch.

As Celtic Art is our first love, we are always working on Celtic pieces and here is our latest design, Celtic Diamonds. It can be created with either just stitching or a combination of stitching and beading. Also we have a small number of patterns available as a Limited Edition available on Etsy. Cackling Witches Brew Pub is one of these patterns, as is Live Abundantly.

Also are free beading, painting and cross stitch patterns. Check back frequently as we will add more.